Help your students own their learning. Leasing is not enough.

For an interesting take on this week’s blog, you can check out the full story on this video.

We need to be sure to we encourage our students to own their learning, not just lease it. We must act as though our students are ours and we are not just trading them in for newer models every year. With ownership comes regular maintenance, diagnostic checkups, and greater concern for longevity.

As teachers our goal is to create learning experiences that last. We need our students to own what they are taught. Teaching Monday-Thursday, testing on Friday then trading in every Monday for new content is no way to ensure that learning will last.

Again, check out the video this week at: Help your students own their learning

If you are interested in a great guide to help you create learning that lasts a lifetime, check out It’s Like Riding a Bike. Our kids deserve our best. Our kids deserve our commitment. Let’s make learning last.

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