What do I really have to be thankful for?

I signed a contract this week to publish my next book and I am pretty excited about it, but that means I have to actually finish writing the book.


Earlier this week I got to fly from my home in Michigan down to Tallahassee, FL to do a little work with Florida State University. The weather was amazing. The people were incredible, but I didn’t get home until after midnight on Tuesday.


Last month my podcast hit the charts and peaked higher than it ever has, but it was still a long ways away from #1.

pod 6

This year I released my latest book, Bold Humility. It has sold hundreds of copies, but it’s not a New York Times bestseller.


Back at the beginning of the year, sentences like what I wrote above were frequently heard coming out of my mouth. There was some success, BUT…

It was like I had to cover up my own victories so that I could remember to be disappointed. It was my way of sweeping my own legs out from underneath me before anyone else could. In my head it was my way of showing humility when in reality I was just being a manipulator of the narrative.

This week I began reading the book Unoffendable.It has been a game changer for me. One of the quotes that has resonated with me is “You cannot be grateful and angry at the same time.” Think about that for a second. When you are truly being grateful you are looking at the positives. You are focused on strengths and opportunities. When you are angry you are looking at faults. You are casting blame. You are thinking you are more right than others.

As I write this post, Thanksgiving is a week away. Next week I get to drive in my minivan, packed with 6 Schmittous, 1200 miles to Florida and I am so grateful. Many of you reading this are thinking I am crazy. To some a road trip like this would be hell. For me, it will be heaven.

Thanksgiving is a a natural time to focus on the positives, but it is important that we don’t let it stop there. Being grateful has become my new daily goal, both this week and beyond.

Instead of focusing on that one kid who drives me crazy, I am grateful that I get the opportunity to change a destiny.

Instead of focusing on that one problem a student got wrong on his paper, I will celebrate every other answer he answered correctly.

Instead of dwelling on the fact that I woke up early, I will celebrate the fact that I woke up.

I know it sounds cliche, but I am a testimony to the power of perspective. I started 2019 depressed, in therapy, and on medication fixated on all that was going wrong. I blamed everyone, everything, and hated myself. I am going into the last month of 2019 surrounded by the same environment, the same people, and the same circumstances, but with a new perspective. I am grateful for those who helped me through. I am grateful for the lessons learned. I am grateful to be able to share my flaws. I am grateful that you took the time to read this and get to know me, the real me, just a little better.


Have an amazing Thanksgiving. Enjoy your friends and family. And be grateful.

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1 thought on “What do I really have to be thankful for?

  1. Love your post! Beautifully penned. Glad you’re feeling so much better. And, have SO much fun with your fam!! Love that!

    I was recently asked the Q…”What energy do you bring when you walk in a room?”

    I’m not sure I can answer it, but I’ve been thinking about that question a lot lately. Your post brought it back to the forefront of my mind. I know what I want the answer to be.

    Anyways… Thanks for sharing your REAL-self with the world. Your REAL-self is more than enough, Dave!



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