Size matters

I have heard from others that size doesn’t matter, but let’s be honest, of course it does. The only ones who say it doesn’t matter are the ones who are afraid to admit their deficiency. I know for a fact that size makes a difference. I have been told so, directly.


The bigger your ego, the smaller your influence. I have a huge ego. I have been called a narcissist. I have chased my own dreams. I have tried to toot my own horn. I have tried to stand on a soapbox and preach to the masses. I have tried to sway crowds and influence generations, but rarely do I make an impact when I make it about me.

Not only does size matter, but your focus matters. Do you spend your time focused on your needs or the needs of others? I know that when I focus on the needs of others first, my own needs will be satisfied soon after. When you put your efforts into fulfilling others, your own desires soon line up with theirs.


But let’s be honest, although size has an impact, and where you focus your attention matters, speed and intensity may matter more than anything else. Sure, there is a time for just getting the job done. Sometimes we need to just put our heads down, avoid eye contact, and get it over with, but rarely does this approach leave a lasting impression like a gentler more heart centric approach does. It’s important to look people in the eyes, to get a read on what they are experiencing. It’s important to tread lightly at first, to set the stage, and to make sure a solid relationship has been formed. Jumping in too quickly can lead to discomfort, pain, and trauma.


We must get permission to move further. We have to remember that although we may have an end goal in mind, our desires impact others. We must work to make sure they want what we want. We must make sure they are on board with not only our goals but our methods. We must make sure they know they are free to speak up, share their needs, express their desires, and know that we will always honor them.

It’s hard…it’s really hard.

nailed it

Leadership, that is.


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