Dave in the news and on the air

The Leader in Learning podcast, hosted by Dan Kreiness, brought Dave on to speak about humility and how it helps a leader. Listen to the full interview here: Leader of Learning episode 53


Positively Dad, a podcast hosted by James Shaw, invited Dave to be a guest on the show in September 2019. Check out the full interview here: Positively Dad


#ShareMOEdu has had Dave on as a guest a couple of times.   Check out  the interviews here: Podcast episode 67

share mo

Check out Dave on the #ShareMOedu Podcast: Podcast episode 3


Check out Dave’s own podcast, Lasting Learning. A podcast about education, that isn’t really about school. It’s a show that discusses what school could be, what it should be, and the people trying to make it happen. Listen and subscribe here: https://anchor.fm/david-schmittou


Just click a title below and watch or read the full story

Coming home…


Making Learning Last a Lifetime


Bringing play to school

Warrington working to bridge gap betwee...community | Studer Community Institute

Using Twitter to recruit the best teachers in America

Local principal finds talented teachers through Twitter | WEAR

Principal of the Year


Teachers getting free school supplies


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