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Did you hear that Dave is running the Boston Marathon this year to raise funds for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society?  If you are willing to support him on this journey, please take a look at his fundraising page: Dave’s fundraising page


Check out Dave’s new podcast: https://anchor.fm/david-schmittou


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Check out Dave on the #ShareMOedu Podcast: Podcast


Dave was just named the 2018 College Educator of the Year.

Working as an adjunct professor for Baker College in the Educational Leadership Department and as a Principal Candidate Supervisor for Walden University, Dave has worked tirelessly to help prepare the next generation of destiny shapers.



Coming home…


Making Learning Last a Lifetime


Bringing play to school

Warrington working to bridge gap betwee...community | Studer Community Institute

Using twitter to recruit the best teachers in America

Local principal finds talented teachers through Twitter | WEAR

Principal of the Year


Teachers getting free school supplies



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