Free Book Resources

Did you read one of Dave’s books and want some resources to put the ideas into practice? Help yourself. Want something that isn’t here, just contact him and he will get you what you need!


It’s Like Riding a Bike Resources:

4 point rubric template:


Power Standard Selection:

_Bike-2019 (1)
_Bike-2019 (2)

Bold Humility Resources:

Leadership reflection questions

  1. Can you buy a unique birthday present for everyone you serve?
  2. How can you support one person this week outside of work?
  3. How many handshakes or hugs did you pass out this week?
  4. Did you share any personal passions this week?
  5. Did you share any mistakes this week? Did you say “I’m sorry”?
  6. Did you highlight the success of anyone publicly this week?
  7. Did you highlight the success of anyone privately this week?
  8. Was it a good day/week/month/year? How do you know?

Assessment Resources:

Tic Tac Toe Sample:


Frequency matters:

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