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Recent Episodes:–Dr–Jacie-Maslyk-gives-us-all-permission-to-go-all-in-and-unlock-our-creativity-ebd063

Jacie Maslyk shares on Lasting Learning–Julie-Stewart-is-the-person-I-wish-I-could-be-ebb6on

Julie Stewart shares on Lasting Learning–Michelle-Gonzalez-Gerth-reminds-us-all-that-we-are-blessed-to-do-what-we-do-ebanns

Michelle Gonzalez-Gerth shares on Lasting Learning–Katelynn-Giordano-brings-the-heat-when-talking-grades–assessment–and-so-much-more-ehaub1

Katelynn Giordanno shares on Lasting Learning

Courtney Curtis shares on Lasting Learning

Most Popular Episodes:–author-of-The-Gift-of-Failure–delivers-100-minutes-of-epic-truth-e8slof

Jessica Lahey shares on Lasting Learning

Jeff Kubiak shares on Lasting Learning–all-around-queen-of-education-and-life–shares-how-to-teach-and-live-life-filled-with-passion-e91f64

Rae Hughart shares on Lasting Learning–Quinn-Rollins-e5bek3

Quinn Rollins shares on Lasting Learning


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