New Teachers- Securing Your First Job

Getting your foot in the door as a new teacher can be a difficult process. Teaching is more than just a job. It is a partnership and a relationship. It is a commitment not just for a year, but for a career.

With this service, Dave Schmittou will help new teacher candidates prepare for and secure their first teaching position and then will work with them for their first three years, helping each learn how to prioritize, focus on personal growth, and avoid the dreaded new teacher burnout.

Don’t take a chance. Getting a job is not like getting a date. We cannot simply “swipe left” and hope things work out. Being prepared to highlight your gifts, your strengths, and your passions are the keys to finding your perfect match.

Your resume will get you an interview. Your passion and personality will get you the job.

With this service, individuals seeking employment as a teacher, or first time administrator, will receive the following:

  • Customized video introduction
  • Zoom/Google Hangout Video Conference (1 hr) to prepare for interviews
  • Resume editing
  • Copy of the book It’s Like Riding a Bike

The costs for this service are regressive, indicating a commitment to help candidates find a job early in the process.

  • 1st month- $60
  • 2nd month-$30
  • 3rd month- $10

If you are interested, or know someone interested, simply complete this form and Dave will personally respond. New Teacher Interest Form


Interested in the coaching support once you secure a job? No worries, year one is completely free. You don’t have the extra money to pay for it anyway:) You will be automatically enrolled as soon as you get hired.




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