Focus on the focus.

If it ain't broke, break it! This is your chance. Let's go. Let's grow. Be Bold. Be Humble. Be YOU! Dave is a former classroom teacher, school principal, assistant superintendent, and college professor. He works with schools transitioning to standards-based grading and mastery based instruction. He also provides support for school leaders as they work to increase innovation, trust, and transparency with their staffs.

School and District Support

Take the guessing game out of the equation. Interested in working with Dave? Check out his rates and areas of support:

Strategic Planning and School Improvement: planning for growth, success, and measuring progress along the way. Includes facilitated meetings with leaders and stakeholders to determine priorities; construction of plan, goals, and strategies for success; and two guided reviews/walkthroughs per year with feedback and guidance. Starting at $5500/year (travel and all other costs included)

Standards Based Grading/Aligned Assessment- following the roadmap of guided success, this implementation includes support in developing Power Standards, Learning Progessions, Aligned Assessments, Engaging Instruction, and Effective Communication. 90 minute webinars start at $500. Full Day support begins at $5500. 3 days (one year) of support begins at $10,500. Two year (full implementation). 6 days and guided support, begins at $20,000 (travel and all other costs included)

Leadership Coaching/Mentorship- Confidential support designed to engage leaders in developing priorities, increasing their capacity in driving structured change, enhancing proactive communication, and serving all stakeholders Virtual Support begins at $100/leader/month; In-person support begins at $1000/leader/month. Available in cohorts or in one-on-one sessions.

Keynotes- 90 minute talks diving into the following topics: One Step at a Time; Focus on the Focus; It’s Like Riding a Bike. Each talk is designed to both motivate and equip learners with strategies for application. Starting at $3500 (travel and all other costs included)

Where has Dave been lately?

March 2023: Fairfax, VA- Artificial Intellegence in Education

March 2023: Athens, OH- Aligned Assessment

March 2023: Lansing, MI- Podcasting in Education

February 2023: Fairfax, VA- Artificial Intellegence in Education

February 2023: New York City- Accutrain Conference Keynote

February 2023: Troy Christian School- Engagement that Works

February 2023: Ontario, CA- Standards-Based Grading

January 2023: Athens, OH- Aligned Assessment

January 2023: Mercer County, OH- Leadership Coaching

January 2023: Mercer County, OH- Mastery Based Learning

January 2023: Illinois Valley- Standards-Based Grading

December 2022: MI Virtual- Standards-Based Grading

November 2022: Plano, IL- Standards-Based Grading

November 2022: Williamsburg, VA- VASCD Conference Keynote

November 2022: Miami County, OH- Standards Aligned Assessment

November 2022: MI Virtual School- Standards-Based Grading

November 2022: North Attleboro, MA- Standards-Based Grading

November 2022: Grand Rapids, MI- Standards- Based Grading

November 2022: Illinois Valley, IL- Standards-Based Grading

November 2022: Miami County, OH- Standards-Aligned Assessment

October 2022: Putnam County, OH- Standards-Based Grading

October 2022: Akron, OH- Teach Better Conference Keynote

October 2022: Westhampton, NY- Standards- Based Grading

September 2022: Putnam County, OH- Standards- Aligned Instruction

September 2022: Miami County, OH- Standards-Aligned Feedback

September 2022: Gwinnett County, GA- Leveraging Tech Tools for Student Voice

August 2022: Cincinnati, OH- Standards-Aligned Assessment

August 2022:Putnam County, OH- Standards- Based Grading

August 2022: Novi, MI- Standards-Based Grading

July 2022: Columbus, OH- Standards-Aligned Assessment

July 2022: Athens, OH- Standards-Based Instruction

June 2022: Atlanta, GA- Keynote Accutrain Conference

June 2022: Gwinnett County, GA- Student Voice and Choice

May 2022: Pasco County, FL- Strategic Leadership

May 2022: Punda Gorda, FL- Student Voice and Choice

May 2022: Indianapolis, IN- Podcast Design

April 2022: Palm Beach, FL- Student Voice and Choice

April 2022: North Attleboro, MA- Standards Based Grading

March 2022: Plano, IL- Leadership Development

March 2022: Wenonah, NJ- Standards-Based Grading

March 2022: Chicago, IL- Assessment Design

March 2022: Chicago, IL- Program Development and Alignment

March 2022: Grand Rapids, MI- Standards-Based Learning Workshop

February 2022: St. Lucie FL- Student Voice and Choice

February 2022: Palm Beach FL- Making Assessment Work

February 2022, ARKST Keynote- Focus on the Focus

February 2022: Wenonah, NJ- SBG Basics- Day 2 of Two Year Support

February 2022: Somerdale Park, NJ- SBG Basics- Day 4 of Year Two Support

January 2022: Plano, IL- Strategic Planning

January 2022: Harlem, IL: Mastery Learning Basics

December 2022: North Boone, IL: SBG and Aligned Assessment

December 2022: Pasco County, FL- Focus on the Focus Keynote

July 2021: Plano, IL- Strategic Planning and Support

August 2021: Grand Rapids, MI- Standards-Based Grading Kickoff and Workshop

September 2021: Somerdale, NJ- Standards-Based Grading Kickoff Keynote and Workshop

September 2021: Wenonah, NJ- Standards-Based Grading Kickoff Keynote and Workshop

November 2021: Franklin, OH- Mastery Learning Workshop

April 2021: State of Connecticut- Creating Assessments that Work

April 2021: State of Virginia- Creating Performance-Based Assessments in Social Studies and Science

The educational landscape is changing and evolving. There is more pressure. There are more expectations and now, more than ever, fewer resources available to help us meet our goals.



Professional Services Agreement Template Sample-Click here

One page summaries of support: Click here- SBG Assessment

Interested in having Dave share with you and your staff? Contact him here or via e-mail at

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