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Where has Dave been lately?

August 2020-May 2021:Sumerdale, NJ- SBG Basics: A Three Day Tutorial to Guide Staff and Students

December 2020-June 2021:Warwick, RI- Tech Leaders Coach Support

January 2021-March 2021: Pasco County, FL- Online Learning Webinar Series

January 2021: Osceola County, FL- Leader of Learning Toolkit Development

January 2021-April 2021: Philadelphia Public Schools- Online Learning Webinar Series

February 2021-April 2021: State of Texas Webinar Series-Rubric Guided Learning; School Communities; Student Voice and Collaboration

February 2021-June 2021: Pittsburgh, PA- Coaching Academy

April 2021: State of Connecticut- Creating Assessments that Work

April 2021: State of Virginia- Creating Performance Based Assessments in Social Studies and Science

April 2021: Archdiocese of Grand Rapids-Standards Based Grading Basics

June 2021: Online- ASCD National Conference

July 2021: Las Vegas, NV-Innovative Schools Summit

July 2021: Plano, IL- Strategic Planning and Support

August 2021: Grand Rapids, MI- Standards-Based Grading Kickoff and Workshop

September 2021: Somerdale, NJ- Standards-Based Grading Kickoff Keynote and Workshop

September 2021: Wenonah, NJ- Standards-Based Grading Kickoff Keynote and Workshop

November 2021: Franklin, OH- Mastery Learning Workshop

March 2022: Grand Rapids, MI- Standards-Based Learning Workshop

The educational landscape is changing and evolving. There is more pressure. There are more expectations and now, more than ever, fewer resources available to help us meet our goals.

  • Standards-Based Grading: What, why, how? 
  • Student Engagement: How to measure it and how to increase it 
  • It’s Like Riding a Bike: How to make learning last a lifetime 
  • Bold Humility: How to lead your staff into high yield risk-taking 
  • The Principal’s Role in Grading Reform 
  • Learning is Not a Lightbulb Moment 
  • Making Assessment Work
  • Strategic Planning and Support


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